Administrative Assistant - New Wilmington

Administrative Assistant — New Wilmington

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To organize, coordinate, and prepare information and records
unique to the Western Reserve Farm Cooperative, Inc. location and product
segment.  Ensure the most efficient
methods in storing, retrieving and integrating information for the distribution
to other staff members and clients. Administrative Assistants perform various
administrative and clerical duties.

Organize and maintain electronic files.

Communicate, update, and post all pricing updates for products.

Facilitate the flow of communication through the office.

Assist with customer service issues, answer questions or problem-solve
customer complaints via telephone.

Manage projects, conduct research, compose correspondences, and maintain
assigned files.

Create spreadsheets, reports, and presentations.

Support other office positions during vacations and business down-cycles.

Assist other office staff in performing assigned duties.

Counter sales and customer service.

Notify the manager of any concerns or issues pertaining to customer or
facility needs.

Perform other tasks as assigned by the manager.